March 2, 2009

Favorite Read Alouds

I have started to read poems to the children before we start any seat work. I also have been picking a different person to read about every week or two. I also just recently picked up The Wind in The Willows to do a lapbook on. I am looking forward to this, since I have not read the book in years. We are also going to be listening to The Tale of Despereaux on the way to the trip Thursday. We will get the movie from Netflix when we get back and compare the too.

I would like to make a list of future read alouds. My children have enjoyed the Charlie Bone series, Harry Potter, Boxcar Children, and Spiderwick Chronicles. Do you have any favorite books? I would love some that are historical fiction.


Bookworm said...

So, what'd you think of The Tale of Despereuax? We loved the book but were terribly disappointed in the movie.

Have fun camping, btw.

I just found your blog last night and am enjoying it.

Summer Fae said...

Thank you for stopping by!

I liked the Tale of Despereuax. It was a book that I did like better listening to than reading.

I find it funny that some books work better as an audio book for my family. On the other hand, listening to the audio books has encouraged Dragon to read more books by the author.