October 29, 2008

Looking for a way to Change up your Routine??

I was sorting through my links and I found 101 Ideas to Add Spice to Your Homeschool (or Afterschool) Days.

Here is just a sampling:

Fill a couple of grocery bags with non-perishable goods from your pantry. Let your kids make price tags for the items, and take turns “shopping” and being cashiers. If they are old enough, they can add up totals, make change, and more. This activity can often last for several afternoons!

Incorporate movement into your day. Let kids clap, stomp, jump, or twirl while spelling words aloud.

Hang a large world map on the wall. Mark the locations of: settings of fictional and non-fiction books, movies, etc., events in world history, current events, locations of far-off friends and relatives, and vacations and other travel.

Please visit Bringing up learners for many more ideas. There are some great ideas that I want to try!