October 18, 2008

Lazy 5 Ranch

For Squirrel's birthday we went to visit my inlaws. They treated us to a day at the Lazy 5 Ranch. We had soo much fun!! I got to see so many wonderful animals. We rode in wagons around the ranch and fed the animals. We got very close to them. We had water buffalo, rams, deer, zebra and many more animals approach the wagon. I even got to pet a giraffe and a zebra. I had a bison get possessive of me. He wouldn't let anyone get close to me while I was feeding him. It was rather cute, until he licked the seat that I was sitting on. The ostrich was mean. The animals were terrified of it. The baby yak was just too cute. For most of the trip we had some pot belly piglets running behind the wagon. They were absolutely adorable! I wanted to just scoop one up and keep it for a pet. The greatest part of my day was seeing the joy in my kids' faces.


We homeschool said...

Lazy 5 Ranch...sounds like a good name to give my home. That's what it has been like around here latly.