June 13, 2008

Summer Plans

We will be doing school during the summer. It gets downright miserable here during the summer. I have talked it over with the kiddos and they have decided to do school just a few times a week and only a couple of hours each time. The main thing that they will have to do is math and reading. We also will be doing some unit studies. We are starting off with China on Monday. The following week will do a week long unit on Hurricanes. Then we will do 2 weeks on the Olympics. After that the kids will be splitting up for 2 weeks. They will go one at a time to my in-laws for 4 days each. They are really looking forward to it. All 3 kiddos are also participating in 2 different summer reading programs. There is one at the library and then one with the local Minor League Baseball team. Yesterday we went to the baseball teams kickoff. It was a lot of fun. They had a story teller and the bookmobile there. We left with FREE tickets to a game at the end of the year. How cool is that ????? The kiddos are also taking part in the local art museum's summer art program. They have 1 lesson a month.
After every one returns home from their grandparents we will have 1 week until we go to Maryland. We are hoping to get to Washington DC while we are up there. Dragon saw the Washington Monument on TV and he wants to go see it. He also wants to go see the White House. So we are planning on spending the day in Washington D.C. I think that it will be a lot of fun.
When we return we will take a couple of weeks off to enjoy the rest of the summer.

What are your plans for the summer?


Alicia said...

Sounds like tons of cool stuff!

It'll be similar around here for us. The kids have a library reading club, swimming, acting in a local outdoor theater production and just playing, plus we will do a lot of little day trips and hopefully a big trip to Ohio.

We don't have air conditioning (just one window unit) so on nice days the kids will probably be playing outside and on miserable days we'll be too hot to homeschool! Either way it won't look very schooly around here for a while. Luckily they learn just as much anyway. :)

Tara said...

Hi, First time visiting your blog, via Mother Crone's.

We are schooling over the summer too. Right now the kiddo is taking a reading and study skills class through the local university. At home we are reading Two Gentleman of Verona and Hamlet and learning more about Shakespeare in preparation for seeing live performances of both at The Shakespeare Festival at Stan Hywet hall.

Nice blog you have here.