June 23, 2008

A Day of Books

I feel like almost everything that we did today was related to books. When went to the library only to find out that they were closed. There was suppose to be a clown show today, however the fire alarm had other ideas. Evidently, the library's fire alarm had been going off since 4am. Then the a/c went out. So our local branch was closed for the day. We ended up going to a different branch. The kids loved it. We ended up walking out of there with 20 more books. We then went to Office Depot to get our Flats( from Flat Stanley) enlarged. Dragon is doing Flat Spider, Tracker Hammy the Hammerhead, and Squirrel's flat is Princess Penguin. We will color them in tomorrow.

Once we got home I read them Lon Po Po A Red-Riding Hood Story from China. They kids loved it. Then I read them another version of Little Red Riding Hood. We then compared the 2 different versions. We looked for similarities and differences. They kids had fun trying to see if they could 'catch them all'. Tracker & Squirrel made wolf masks (once I get the string I will get pics). Squirrel is also working on Little Red Riding Hood stick puppets.

The next book we read was GOT Geography!

It is a book of geography poems. I highly recommend this book. I thought that Tracker wasn't paying attention, but he kept suggesting better poems for me to read. The kids started to ask some questions about globes and the equator. Since I don't own a globe, I looked on United Streaming and they watched What is a Globe?

A new thing that has been happening while we are traveling is Dragon reading to Squirrel in the back of the truck. Today he read Turtle Tide to her. Later Tracker read Hip-O Gets A Pet. Yep he is VOLUNTEERING to read. Can you believe it??

After dinner tonight, I told the kids to pick out a book for me to read. I ended up reading 6 books! We had so much fun. I read about a Lantern maker in China, pandas, dinosaurs, a crying baby, snow leopards, and the Chinese Zodiac Animals. Here are some the books that we read...
We also listened to Boxcar Children's Mystery on Blizzard Mountain. It is the first new Boxcar Children Audio book that I have heard in years. We also started to listen to Charlotte's Web Audio Book.

I also got a wonderful Mannheim Steamroller Cd. It is Saving the Wildlife. I loved it. It is very relaxing. We listened to it while we were cleaning.