January 11, 2008

Getting Over our Fears

You know what I am talking about...that underlying fear that you are ruining your child. That they would be better in school. All they want to do is play on the stupid Game Boy. What about their love of learning that you were trying to develop???
Well I have been sweating it for days. Yesterday was just a really crappy day. There is no other way to describe it. I felt mentally drained. I also had a horrible tooth ache, which was causing a migraine. It was just bad. I wanted nothing to do with anything. It was as if I was just drained. I let the kids play with blocks, video games. Dragon did some math that I put on the dry erase board. He loved it. He loves it when he gets an order of operation puzzle as he calls it. He had a hard time figuring out how to do 4x5-7+3=__, but turn it into a puzzle where the answer is there but you had to fill in the operations and he LOVES it. Here is an example 14__15__7=22.

Well today was a great day. We were driving around in a rental car and Dragon had to sit in the front with me and I had soo much fun. He asked a million questions about the car console. He asked great questions. He began to try and figure out how far we would travel in 5 hrs if we were going 60mph. He kept this up all night. I was thrilled. He also found a show today that he loved on the science channel, "When Dinosaurs Roamed or Ruled the Earth". He talked and talked about the dinosaur that was discovered. He told his father everything about it. I thought that he was just playing with his game boy, but he was really paying attention. It seemed to of sparked his interest in dinosaurs again. It has been all that he has talked about all night.

But I struggle with the idea of unschooling vs, relaxed. I worry that they won't be motivated, then a day comes along like today. I just wished that there were more of them. I love the idea of unschooling, but I don't think that any of my kids would do anything. They need to be pushed. The need that structure. I am just so torn up about this.

Does anyone else go through this??