December 23, 2007

Mini Offices

Have you heard of mini offices? Here is a description from Crosswalk:

"One of the most creative resources for homeschooling, besides making lapbooks, is the mini-office. It becomes a mini reference center or tool containing information for students on any topic they are learning: math, writing, grammar, science, phonics ... anything. When mom/teacher is busy, the child has another source to go to for reference and information, to answer questions. Even when mom is available, our students need to learn how to look things up and not always ask us for answers. So, mini-offices help with that.

Basically, a mini-office is one or more file folders with information sheets glued on, centering around one topic, then laminated or covered with contact paper to help it
last longer.
Before you make one, look at the websites listed on the next page, to see what others have done and the worksheets available. Also, the websites will let you see how they are actually put together. The boxed information shows the steps involved in making a mini-office.

Another reason I like these is that they show the students how to organize information and how to break large topics (i.e., writing) into smaller bites (how to write a topic sentence, how to write a paragraph, punctuation). This helps our students become more organized in their thinking, and in their performance."

I am thinking of making some for my boys. We are having a hard time with them making faces at each other while doing school work. I thought that these would be great. Here are some links to check out.

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