October 12, 2007

Thanks A Million Craft

I am going to make these for the college kids that have been helping out my children's soccer teams this season.

Thanks a Million !!

1 glass pint wide-mouth canning jar + lid and ring
10 of the small 100 Grand candy bars, they come in a package for less than $1.00
1 piece of paper or wrapping tissue
curling ribbon

Line up 5 of the candy bars facing outward around the bottom of the jar. (* it helped to tape the candy wrapper ends to the back of the bar before placing in the jars). Insert a crumpled paper or tissue as "filler" to secure the bars outward, leaving some of the paper or tissue above the bottom layer of bars to be able to support a second layer of the candy bars, positioned again to face outward. This will completely fill the jar (and look so cute!).

We did a jar lid of red construction to fit over the lid, under the ring, and printed a "Thanks a Million!!" on white cardstock, cutting in a smaller circle. When we taped this to the red lit, there was a red framing ring around the white printed sentiment.

2 strips each of red and yellow curling ribbon added that festive final touch to this frugal, fun gift idea!


Summer said...

That's a cute idea!