October 26, 2007

No School

School has been sporadic here. I have been to seem too many doctor's appointments lately. School has been put on hold. I am not the best person when it comes to the doctor. I am fine if it is for anyone but myself. I just have this phobia when it comes to seeing the doctor for myself. Back in the spring I hurt my knee and I just finally went to the doctor for it last month. So far I have had 6 X-rays, 1 MRI & a cat scan. They still haven't figured out exactly what I did. The doctor does know that it is something to do with my kneecap. He just isn't exactly sure what it causing my knee to act the way that it is. Basically it is dislocating itself at will. My doctor believes that my patellar tendon is stretched out and that is allowing my patella(knee cap) to move at will. Yep lots and lots of fun. The doctor has put me on light duty..ie if someone else can do it, then let them. I am also on crutches again. This is only for a week until I get my new knee brace. Which has been a fight in itself. My insurance company has been dropped by everyone in the Orthotic business. So I am going to have to order it offline first thing tomorrow morning. Once I get my brace, I will be able to do more. I am really looking forward to cooking again. I just love to cook and I cannot stand for very long to cook. I go back to the doc in 2 weeks. We will then discuss what to do about my knee. There are3 possibilities: 1) exploratory arthroscopic surgery 2.) full knee surgery where they will have to basically dislocate my kneecap and fix it and finally 3.) physical therapy. I am honestly not sure that I even want to do the first surgery. I mean if they find anything that cannot be done then..they will have to do the 2nd anyway. But I like the idea of no surgery at all.

There is a positive side to all of this. While bookwork isn't getting done, my kids are getting some real home ec. skills. My kids have also learned what an MRI is. They have learned about X-Rays, and the parts of the knee.
They are also getting a crash course in life skills. They are doing more around the house than ever before. Now I just need to figure out how to keep it going.