October 18, 2007

Geography Before Breakfast

I haven't been awake for 30 minutes and I have been bombarded with questions. What is the biggest island in the world? What's the biggest lake in the world? What's the biggest country? What's the biggest state in the country? What is the biggest city?

Why can't they ask these questions when I am fully awake? I think that my kids have forgotten that I am not a morning person.

Oh in case you are wondering....

The biggest island in the world is Okinawa.
The biggest lake in the world is Lake Superior.
The biggest country in the world is Russia.
The biggest state in the US is Alaska.
The biggest city is Kolkata, India.

Thank goodness for Encarta Online Encyclopedia and google image search!

photo credit: world press


Summer said...

LOL Nothing like a little geography to get your mornings going. :)