September 9, 2007

What's In Your Purse?

Mom Is Teaching is giving away an awesome purse! She wants to know what is in your purse. So here goes...
I got my purse at Cato. I love it! It has great colors and is just a fun purse. I am thinking that I mgiht need a new one though. This one needs another section. But it was practically free. I had forgotten about a gift certificate that I received as a gift at Christmas. So it was found money that bought it :) I got it because I wanted something smaller than what I was using at the time. Everyone kept handing me stuff to stuff in my purse. I thought that this would be a great alternative.Little did I know that they would make me see just how much junk I could shove into my purse!It doesn't look like it would hold much...

I found out that it can hold more than I thought.

My purse has...

~an emergency inhaler(that I couldn't find the other night for soccer, so I have since replaced it!)
~a first aid box
~ticket stubs and 2nd day voucher for Alligator Adventure
~2 maps for Alligator Adventure
~1brochure for Alligator Adventure
~map of Barefoot Landing
~2 voided out checks
~pocket calendar
~14 receipts
~subtraction flash card
~2 small memo books
~4 pens
~empty eyeglass case
~hand sanitizer
~eye drops
~my broken knee brace
~1 bag with 3 bracelets that were bought for a friend
~in the littlepocket are 1 ring, 2 tampons and 8 temporary tattoos

I think that I might just need a new purse. :)


Summer said...

I've got the voting page up for the purse contest. :) Tell everyone to come vote for you to win. Vote here

Summer - Mom Is Teaching said...

Congrats! You've won the new purse! Contact me with your address and I'll get it shipped out as soon as I can. :)