June 1, 2006

I Cancelled the last 2 days of school

When we went for our morning walk this morning I told the kids .."Welcome to your summer vacation." They were all excited.

The beginning of their summer vacation(an entire 6weeks) has been exciting! They have watched a dump truck unload all of it's load. We discussed why the truck had to drive forward to finally empty it. We talked about why the truck beeps when it backs up and why the men were having to level the fill dirt for the foundation. We talked about what happens when something isn't level. We had a brief rain shower and talked about the dangers of riding bikes in the rain(the slippery surface), and about how refreshing it was to walk in the rain shower.

We also went to the fed store and bought some brushes and a comb for our blue heeler. We looked at various treats and the kids had to pick out stuff that was $1.50 less. They did a great job.

While the rain has stopped the kids have ridden their bikes and played countless games that they created. When the rain started back up they came inside and picked up their school stuff. Can you believe it??? I have one currently working on an old math workbook, one doing phonics and math stuff and the other is coloring. They never complained and did it until they were bored with it. I believe that my oldest ended up doing 4 or 5 pages of addition & subtraction work.

Now they are hunting down a snack..I guess I better go before my kitchen looks like a tornado came through!