April 25, 2006

Snake Master Part 1

We went to the Pee Dee Deer Classic yesterday and saw the Snake Master. It was a 45 minutes seminar(I guess) on snakes. He talked about ways to identify a venumous snake(Triangle head, cat's eyes, thick body, shedded skin is solid(no split at the end); what to do if a snake bites you; how to protect yourself from a snake bite. Did you know that a snake's head can strike a human at 200mph? The kids got to hold an Albino corn snake yesterday. They even got autographed pictures of the Snake Master. Here is an albino corn snake I got this picture from http://warrensburg.k12.mo.us/animals/rossr1/

Some of the other snakes that we saw were:

Copperhead enature.com

Southern Copperhead
from www.enature.com

pygmy rattlesnake
from www.enature.com

He had a HUGE Eastern Diamondback
from www.enature.com
I will do another post of the other snakes.


eyecorn said...

Hi Chrissy!
Thanks for letting me know you moved! We did a snake class at a little nature center near us, but they didn't tell us about the 200 mph thing, and we didn't get to hold any snakes(which is ok by me!)

I was at the NC state convention this weekend and decided to get a few creatures to dissect. I wish you lived closer, we could have a dissection party!